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Coach Lamker on the Cougars:

"Against Lakeville South, you cannot have mistakes. The team with fewer mistakes and doesn't turn the ball over is usually the team that's successful on opening night. Their coach is a second-year head coach, and they have a lot of skill out there. I believe they're going to a new offense—three backs in the backfield—and so it'll be new for us to defend and new for them to run. That's going to be a key—whether they can execute or we can stop them defensively."

2017 Record: 4-6

Key Players:

  • George Brekke, QB

  • Jared Stewart, RB

  • Tavian Laden, LB

@ Lakeville South


Coach Lamker on the Irish:

“Rosemount has only lost a couple of games in the last 10 years during the regular season. We were one of them when we beat them last year. So they're going to have much to prove. They have a receiver who’s going to play for the Gophers, and they have a couple linemen who are going places. And so that will be a real test, because they'll be a top seven or eight team in the state of Minnesota when we play them in our home opener.”

2017 Record: 6-5

Key Players:

  • Max Carter, QB

  • Garrison Green, RB

  • Marvin Walker, RB

  • Jonathan Mann, WR

  • Andrew Reuter, WR



Coach Lamker on the Trojans:

“They’re the biggest school in the state of Minnesota. They have a quarterback going to South Dakota State, a couple tight ends going to North Dakota State, a great line and a great running back. So they're going to be the Wayzata of old again—they’re pretty good. We're going to have to really play well over there to come away with a win.”

2017 Record: 2-7

Key Players:

  • Keaton Heide, QB

  • Billy Riviere, TE

  • Christian Vasser, RB

  • Trevor Palesch, LB

  • Keegan Nickel, DB

  • David Sandall, DB

@ Wayzata


Coach Lamker on the Lightning:

“Eastview comes here for homecoming, so that will be a really fun atmosphere. If our kids can concentrate through all the homecoming hype and perform on Friday night, that will be a huge test. Eastview has a lot of great athletes, and even though they didn't put it together too well last year, I think they're going to be pretty athletic this year.”

2017 Record: 2-7

Key Players:

  • Larry Wright, WR

  • Andrew Tran, RB

  • Alan Youngberg, DB



Coach Lamker on the Sabers:

“They’re one of the districts that's growing like crazy—they’re over five, six hundred kids in their senior class right now, and they have a lot of good players and a great receiver coming back. So they're up and coming over there, and that's probably going to be one of their games they've circled on the calendar that they think they can win. So we'll have to play physical in that matchup to come out on top.”

2017 Record: 5-5

Key Players:

  • Jack Casey, RB

  • Charlie Katona, WR

  • Vladislav Freidis, LB

  • Connor Raines, DB

  • Travis Barrett, DE

@ Shakopee


Coach Lamker on the Skippers:

“They were a Prep Bowl team last year, and they made it to the final two. We lost to them by one at their place in a fabulous game last year. Their quarterback's coming back, and he has Division-I offers—he’s a tough player, and he has a great arm and great vision. So we're going to have to play really well against them and hang on over at our place.”

2017 Record: 12-2

2017 6A State Runner Up

Key Players:

  • Aaron Syverson, QB

  • Mitch Klass, WR

  • Carter Hislop, DE



Coach Lamker on the Crimson:

“Maple Grove was a final four team last year. It's one of the teams that we beat in a really good football game last year at their place. They have a running back who's probably one of the top three backs in the state of Minnesota, so that's going to be vital for both teams—stopping the run game. If we can stop them in a physical run game, we'll have a chance. But if we let that kid get going, he's going to run all over you.”

2017 Record: 8-4

Key Players:

  • Evan Hull, RB

  • Ben Bristol, DL

  • Gavin Pelto, LB



Coach Lamker on the Eagles:

“This will be a short week of preparation for us, and that's a game that I circle, and I know the kids do, too. It's become a big battle for us. And I wouldn't call it a rivalry, because rivalries only continue if you beat that team—and we haven't. So it's not a rivalry until we beat them. Going to their place will be tough, but we're going to give it a go.”

2017 Record: 13-0

2017 6A State Champion

Key Players:

  • Cole Kramer, QB

  • Daejon Wolfe, WR

  • Brandon Boettcher, DB


Tiger Paw Sports Logo.jpg

Coach Lamker on the Tigers:

"They put up a lot of points. They put up 33 against Wayzata and 34 against Lakeville North, so we know they can score. They have three receivers who can really run and a quarterback with a great arm. You have to contain those guys. They've also given up some points, so if we can pound the ball at them, that will be the key to success."

2018 Record: 1-7

Key Players:

  • Alex Berreth, QB

  • Alijah Moe, WR

  • Eli Green, WR

  • Isaac Ask, WR




Coach Lamker on the Knights:

"They're very well coached, and they're a very physical football team. They pound the ball like we do. They have a lot of two-way players, so we need to wear them down by running the ball, being physical, avoiding turnovers, and controlling the clock. The time-of-possession battle will be key."

2018 Record: 6-3

Key Players:

  • Jared Duda, QB

  • Desean Phillips, RB

  • Brandon Langdok, WR

  • Boston Merila, LB

  • Kale Hoselton, DB


vs. STMA

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