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Top 10 Rules for Edina Football Parents



Be positive and proud of your son. It is an accomplishment to be a part of Edina Football.


Do not offer excuses for why he is not playing. There is usually a reason for it. Encourage him to work hard and do his best.


Do not criticize his coaches. If you criticize your son's coaches, you cannot expect him to play for them. If there are problems, have your son talk to his position coach. If you are still not satisfied, meet with Coach Lamker. Be open and honest, yet respectful. We all want what is best for your son.


Encourage your son to follow the MSHSL rules, Edina High School rules, and Edina Football rules.


Watch over your son's academic life. It is the duty of the parent to see that his or her son is working in the classroom. No matter how good a player he may be, if he is not making progress towards graduation, he will not play.


Do not live your life vicariously through your son. Do not show animosity or jealousy for any of your son's teammates because they carry the ball more, score more touchdowns, or get more publicity. The important things is that every player on the team does his very best. That is what counts.


As a fan, you are encouraged to be "into the game," but please be positive toward our players and coaches. The Edina coaching staff works with your son and his teammates every day. They know what each player can do and what each player cannot do.


Instill in your son the importance of sportsmanship. Insist on your son's respect for the game of football, the officials and our opponents' players and coaches. Make sure he understands how important it is to have "class." It takes years to develop a "class" program, but it can take seconds to destroy it.


Foster in  your son a positive self-image. Help him in any way possible to feel good about himself and his role in Edina Football.


Encourage your son to play the game of football for the "love of the game." Winning will take care of itself. Post-season awards will take care of themselves. College scholarships will take care of themselves. Usually, good things happen to teams and individuals who are unselfish, hard working, and committed.

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